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Worth Watching — Lincoln County, WY

[NOTE: The Worth Watching category lists communities whose animal shelter systems are doing substantially better than average, but have not reported a sustained (for one year or more) 90%+ live release rate. These communities are not counted in the running total in the blog’s subtitle. For more about the Worth Watching category, see the Worth Watching page link in the blog’s header.]

Star Valley is made up up several small communities located along a river valley that is primarily in Wyoming. The communities range in size from about 100 to 2000 people. The area is just to the south of the city of Jackson and Teton County.

Most of the Star Valley communities are in Lincoln County, Wyoming, which does not have a municipal shelter. Animal sheltering is provided by a private non-profit called the Animal Humane Association of Star Valley (AHASV). AHASV was founded in 2002, and it has a shelter called Lucky’s Place that was built on land donated by the county. AHASV places several hundred animals each year. It takes in owner surrenders, but sometimes has a waiting list.

A 2012 article about AHASV said: “Before this group was incorporated, the 11 small communities that comprise the Star Valley area had no companion animal rescue, sanctuary, emergency medical assistance, or subsidized spay/neuter services. Barn cats and ranch dogs were often considered to reproduce about as quickly as they were killed by vehicles, diseases, wildlife or complications from birthing. If they did happen to survive in numbers that became larger than someone cared to feed, the less-desirable ones could be shot or drowned.” AHASV changed all that. They spay/neuter all pets before they are adopted out and get them current on shots. If they are sick and can be treated, then “they are treated until they are completely well,” and terminally ill pets are treated as long as possible. Pets do not have a deadline for adoption and they stay at Lucky’s Place or in foster care until adopted.

I could not find full statistics for Lincoln County for 2012 online. Therefore, I am listing the community as Worth Watching.

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