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New Look — New Criteria

I’d like to thank everyone for their patience while the blog has been undergoing changes the last three months. I’ve still got some tweaking and editing to do, but the blog is mostly back together again now, with the running totals, a re-worked right sidebar, and a couple of new pages. The right sidebar now lists 144 communities that have been at or above a 90% live release rate for at least one year and make their statistics publicly available. This category – 90% Documented – is the one I’m going to concentrate on, and the other categories (90% Reported and Worth Watching) will not be updated as frequently.

Please keep in mind that “the list” on this blog is not a comprehensive list of 90%+ communities. For one thing, it would take a whole team of people working 40-hour weeks to identify, research in depth, write up, and update all the communities that are either at 90%+ or closing in on it. And it’s complicated because everyone has a different idea of how to calculate 90%, or whether that should even be the standard in the first place. The list should therefore be viewed as illustrative, not definitive.

In other news, I’m very involved right now in writing a book on the origins of the No Kill movement. This project has included doing about 3 dozen interviews so far, reading 40 or so books (most of them very obscure), and sifting through about 5 reams of documents, not to mention what I’ve found online. It’s a fun project but it’s much bigger than I thought. It’s amazing how far the history of No Kill reaches back, and how many people have been crucial in making it what it is today. Needless to say, this has been keeping me extremely busy!


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